Why are you doing this? Why bother?

Over the years, this has been one of the questions I always ask Artiste when they come around to have me work on their Project(s). I ask them, Why are you doing this? Why go through this stress?
This I ask because I believe that it is important for you as an Artiste to know why you want to make music, as this can determine how much of your time, effort and commitment you might be willing to expend. Are you an Artiste reading this? Take a moment to Answer this Question,
Why am I doing this?

It is important you know why you are into making Music so you can communicate this to all you will work with and everyone you want to sell your art to. People will resonate better with you if they can feel why you are doing what you do, and it is best if they share similar beliefs with you.

You can tell people about a certain good act you did for someone and people could feel irritated by you if it comes across to them as though you were showing off. You see how people’s perception of why you do what you do can affect their reception of what you are offering.

Which of these best describes why you are into Music
I have a good voice (Talented)
I got the looks (Fine Boy, Fine Girl)
People tell me my songs make sense
My Pastor saw a vision of me singing
I am unemployed, Man must survive
Bragging rights
I love Music, I love Singing

People need to know why you do what you do as much as you also need to know why because people do not buy what you do but buy why you do it.
So it is important to talk and share what you believe so that you can attract those who believe in what you believe. You may not have attracted the kinds of support you desire because you have not shared your ‘WHY’ and supporting beliefs well enough. Keep sharing why you do what you do and the belief system guiding your music career and you will attract help from those who share same beliefs.

It will be much harder for situations to stop you if you have a Strong why. Find a deeper and stronger why for going into Music so that you remain tenacious and not quit at the slightest disappoint you face.